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Dr. Lawson NP

The Harry Show

In 2017, Harry Connick Jr. featured Nola The Nurse and Dr. Scharmaine Lawson as a Leading Lady for their community efforts to improve literacy and educate children about the role of the Advanced Practice Nurse.

Johnson & Johnson Discover Nursing campaign

Johnson & Johnson Discover Nursing campaign is a special feature that highlights nurses making a global impact. Dr. Lawson was featured in 2016.

ABC News With A Twist

Dr. Lawson was featured on ABC for her groundbreaking work with improving access to healthcare in New Orleans.

Katie Couric & CBS Evening News

In this video Katie Couric and the CBS Evening News crew make Housecalls with Dr. Lawson in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

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Press & Media Mentions

Dr. Scharmaine Lawson FNP, FAANP, FAAN

4 Nurse Practitioner Entrepreneurs Redefining Affordable Healthcare on

By just looking at her credentials one can see that Dr. Lawson is a powerhouse nurse. Prior to becoming a nurse practitioner she worked as an ICU, ER, travel, and level 1 trauma nurse before deciding to obtain her MSN. While finishing up her MSN, she worked in home health for a period of ten years. Choosing to become a NP was a matter of flexibility for her. She felt the fluidity of where she could work as a NP was more fitting of her personality. Initially, she planned to become a CRNA, but after a few years in ICU and Trauma ICU, she discovered she was a much more “hands-on” type of practitioner. Loving her community of New Orleans, she decided that community nursing was a great fit. Stopping at MSN was not enough for this overachiever, however; she decided to pursue her DNP. She concluded that the Doctorate in Nursing Practice would allow her to pursue academic positions and also to lead healthcare administrative systems if she decided to change her career path. 

Local children's book series highlights women of color in healthcare by Gambit's Cue Magazine

Dr. Scharmaine Lawson-Baker says her energy and can-do attitude help her run a home health care business while getting her own publishing company off the ground. She was inspired to create A DrNurse Publishing House and the Nola the Nurse series ( when she was unable to find children's stories for her young daughter that featured minorities in health care jobs and other STEM-related fields.

Nurse Practitioner Writes ‘Nola The Nurse’ Children’s Book Collection

PW: Tell us about Nola The Nurse.  How did you come up with the concept?

SB: I was building my baby girl's library of children's books. I quickly noticed that the world of children's literature had a lack of books about nurse practitioners and people that looked like her beautiful brown skin. I was really surprised at my finding. This made me begin writing the Nola The Nurse series. Nola is the abbreviation for New Orleans, Louisiana and is the setting of the first story. Volume 1 of Nola the Nurse: She's On The Go is now translated into Spanish and French.

Transforming family practice: One nurse’s story on

The Johnson & Johnson Campaign for Nursing’s Future and have partnered to develop a new content series, “APNs Transforming Care.” The series looks at ways advanced practice nurses are changing the face of healthcare delivery and will include inspirational stories and interesting Q&As about APNs in different areas of the country who are meeting and exceeding the 2010 Institute of Medicine recommendations for the future of the nursing profession. The series also offers practical advice on pursuing a career as an advanced practice nurse. It culminates in a downloadable e-book that includes many topics from advice on broadening various nursing roles into APN roles; the benefits of a career as an APN; programs and academic prerequisites, finances, certifications and more. We invite you to join in a two-way conversation with your colleagues about nursing’s expanding role in healthcare’s future, via social media.

— Andrea Higham, senior director, corporate equity & partnerships,
Johnson & Johnson

Early on Scharmaine Lawson-Baker, DNP, FNP-BC, RN, FAANP, knew she was a survivor. Living in New Orleans with her 80-year-old grandmother who raised her, she passed the nursing comprehensive exams and the NCLEX on the first try, despite personal challenges. “I realized I possessed great strength and power, and a force was brewing in me that would serve me well during my life,” she said.


TobiTalks is a premier Millennial Nursing Podcast that talks to several movers and shakers in the Nursing field. We were delighted to be featured on Episode 29! On this episode of TobiTalks, Dr. Scharmaine Lawson, the author of the Nola The Nurse® children's books and creator of the only Housecall course in the nation that trains nurse practitioners on how to start a Housecall practice, shares her journey from bedside nursing to becoming a nationally recognized nurse practitioner.

Johnson & Johnson Nursing Notes

In this episode, we have Nola The Nurse Children’s Book Author Scharmaine Lawson-Baker, DNP. Scharmaine is the author of the popular children’s book series Nola the Nurse, featuring a young girl who wants to grow up to become a nurse just like her mom. It promotes advanced practice nursing to the next generation of nurses coming along. 

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